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In my case, one way of getting to know me is through my writing, tools and worksheets. Starting this thread to share some key blog posts and perhaps some other tidbits I’ve produced thoughout the years.

First out is The Elements of Digital Ethics, which sets the tone. A chart to help guide moral considerations in the tech space.

When you know your self-worth you stop giving discounts.

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The question isn't whether people "care" about #privacy or not. Everyone does. The question is if they understand that less privacy is a #social issue, not just a #personal one. The question is if they understand what it actually means to be on commercial social media; who they're feeding & how. The question is if they have any other option.

It's the #capitalists we're fighting - not the "workers". So be kind, & keep #fighting, #thinking, #making, #feeling, #saying, #doing.


In the latest episode of @uxpodcast (episode 294!), @Beantin and I discussed two articles.

The first one about designing the perfect button which I quite enjoyed. The second one an article about sitemaps that got so many things wrong our conversation turned into a talk about how content marketing can be harmful.

Haha, den här hade jag glömt att jag skrivit. Apropå Twitter och journalister Oj, vad irriterad jag måste varit 😅

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Remember when we called software that recorded what you were doing "spyware"

Now that's pretty much every piece of software

Förra året skrev jag en lång genomgång av Försvarsmaktens alla annonser under Pride. Jag uppdaterade precis med årets annons och noterade en liten men viktig ändring i budskapet.

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You know what, when I learned about the names of some common emojis I got very confused & surprised!

😂 - this emoji is often used by me and many others to show a laughing face, but apparently its called "face with tears of joy" !

😋 - I have sometimes used this emoji to show a silly face, but its actually called "face savoring food".

I wonder if this confuses people using screen readers, or do they understand these differences ?

Full emoji list with names and all -

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Best tool for creating RSS feeds for websites without RSS?

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I do not work with usability, accessibility, UX or digital design. I work with wellbeing and compassion. The better I understand this the better I become at taking responsibility for the consequences of my work. I know better when NOT to build something.

In my recent newsletter I tell a story of how leaving Twitter helps me make better choices.

I’ve just spent days migrating and updating the student course site for my ethics course. Though I’m on vacation. Which still makes sense, because this is what I truly love doing.

It’s also becoming apparent that within 6 months or so I should be able to offer a subscription/membership option for an English version of the course site. I’ve created and curated so much content over the years!

Which tends to scare students so I have to ease them into it 😅

Jösses vad rörd jag blev av Bengt ”Bengan” Janson med familj i i TV4:s morgonsoffa när de berättade om hans nära-döden dust med TBE och hur det påverkade dem. Och så vacker dragspelsmusiken nu blev just mot den bakgrunden.

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Any opinions on which VPN service I should be using?

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With my huge hearing loss, I've noticed something.

Really often, when I don't hear and ask people to repeat, they'll tell me stuff like "oh no, that wasn't important" instead of just saying it once again. They may even be mad at me.

It makes me feel really excluded, so I don't dare asking them to repeat anything anymore. I act like I hear most of what they say, smile when they do and that's it...

Please, don't be mean. We're not trying to bother you, we just want to understand what you say.

There was a time when every café, clothing store and friend did not ask you to follow them on Instagram.

Just signed up for a course in freelance journalism. Took me 30 years but I finally remembered this is what I really want to do 😅

Feels very exciting.

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Question again, to the Hivemind, this time about blogging. For you, is blogging...

Got my copy of Introvert Doodles today! It's divine. Making it a coffee table book so guests can understand me better.

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