In my case, one way of getting to know me is through my writing, tools and worksheets. Starting this thread to share some key blog posts and perhaps some other tidbits I’ve produced thoughout the years.

First out is The Elements of Digital Ethics, which sets the tone. A chart to help guide moral considerations in the tech space.


In early 2022 I did a talk on AI and Human Rights hosted by Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (RWI). My blog post has a full transcript, so you can choose to watch or read it, whatever works best for you. All the slides are available in this post as well.

(Good to know: The transcript has a paragraph I forgot to include when speaking about ”The Many Actors”)

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The first talk I did on design ethics in English was at the UXLx conference
(User Experience Lisbon) in May 2016. I received such overwhelming positive feedback it felt like the start of something new for me. It was.❤️

The Invisible Problem with Fairytale Experiences.

This talk was an English blog post (based on a Swedish talk) before I took it to Lisbon. That original text is also linked from this post.

Since my first early talks on design ethics my output has progressed to more often encompass a much broader perspective on universal wellbeing. Here’s a post describing what I mean when I say universal wellbeing.

@axbom I don't know if you embrace the term or movement known as #solarpunk but #UniversalWellbeing feels like a foundational concept for anyone hoping to succeed at solarpunk.

@ScottMGS Oh wow thank you. I love learning these new terms that help me find more likeminded people and thoughtful reflections. 🙏

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