I highly recommend setting the language of your posts, as this helps people using screen readers. The content is automatically read with the correct voice and pronunciation. This feature of setting the language of your post isn't implemented in all apps yet, but works well in the web interface.

If you only post in one language you can set a default (but do remember to set that default if it's not English).

Also, it helps people filter posts from specific languages.

If you aren't seeing this setting, it could also be the case that your Mastodon instance hasn't updated yet. Talk to your admin :)

Wait, I don't see that option. Is it on the website?

@KeruWolframio Yes, it's on the website, as long as the instance you are on is running version 3.5.3 or later. I forgot that different instances don't all update as fast as mine. 😅

@axbom I see. Thank you for the info! 🥰
I will keep an eye for it, then. This is useful.

@axbom I must say I'm perplexed as the lang attribute does not seem to be present anywhere in the source code yet.

@accessiblestef Really!? Wow... I thought that was the whole point of the 3.5.3 update...

Never thought to double-check. Thanks for letting me know!

@axbom Cheers. Maybe it's just one patch away though, let's hope for the best!

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