Any opinions on which VPN service I should be using?

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@giffengrabber Thanks Carl. Good read :) Staying anonymous to my VPN provider was something I was diving into (disposable cards, burner emails, etceteras) 😅

@axbom You probably know this already but there’s also Tor to consider as an alternative.

@axbom Mullvad as someone else already mentioned.

@axbom After an oddyssey switching VPN providers, I've settled on Swedish Mullvad VPN.

@axbom Well, I use #windscribe, to be able to browse the location restricted content of #Arte, #3Sat a.o.
You've read @giffengrabber 's hint. I'd like to add to that: for me, using a VPN makes perfect sense.

@axbom It's too bad that Streisand has been discontinued, I think you would have liked it #selfhosted

@jerome Oh yeah, that would have been right up my alley.

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