In my recent newsletter I tell a story of how leaving Twitter helps me make better choices.

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@axbom That’s nice!

I remember many instances where I had comments on some platform turn into articles on my website, and some of those articles are among the ones I reference the most, even years later.

(sidenote: The one thing I’m missing in my self-hosting is an easy newsletter solution, because I worry about that getting cracked and abused for spam.)

@axbom For self-hosted email I can’t say much, because I just download everything and query it with mu:

I have about 20GiB of email stored locally.

@axbom these are some thoughtfull put together Words in your #Blogpost and i enjoyed reading them. 😃👍

Just a couple of Years ago I was in a similar Situation like you writing about and my Resolution to the Problem at hand was almost the same in the end. 😏

For me, it was all about spending my spare Time for Writing in a more and healthier Way to better cultivate that Joy of Writing.
Successfully changed my bad Habits to something better. 😉

@kranzkrone Thank you Stefan. This aligns well with my ambition and experience.

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