Best tool for creating RSS feeds for websites without RSS?

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@axbom I’ve successfully used RSS-Bridge before. Also for sites that come with microformats but not RSS.


Hey @tio, check this out! See if you can use this to convert between atom and RSS feeds -

Does this mean you can move to a libreddit instance now? 😀


@futureisfoss @jan @axbom Very interesting I will have a look. We dont use the teddit rss feed anymore for tromnews but i like teddit more than reddit honestly 😁

By reddit did you mean libreddit? Because the original reddit UI is not clean at all and that's why we gotta use alternate front-ends like teddit or libreddit 😄
@jan @axbom

Its OK I can continue using a different instance of libreddit 😁
@jan @axbom

@futureisfoss @jan @axbom Will have a look at it but teddit is great because of RSS support out of the box, which makes it useful if you wanna follow subreddits. I have little respect for projects that do not have an RSS feed. RSS is, in my view, essential for the web.
@futureisfoss @jan @axbom I am adding this to my to-try list. I'd love to fix our TROMlive.

@jimbo Haha. Yes, that would be ideal. It's a couple of public sector websites I need this for as well(!)

@axbom I use RSS-Bridge a lot and just recently started testing for Facebook Pages. It’s been okay so far — biggest downside is that it’s slow to update with a free account.

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