Still time to vote. Today, on September 11, everyone in can vote until 8pm in the designated places of voting (polling stations). For anyone in Sweden hesitating about anything in the voting process and need help in English, I have this website:

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Does Sweden still use First Past the Post voting? We're under an extremely oppressive duopoly in America, and I'm working with to try to fix our broken democracy.

@evanstucker In Sweden the votes determine the number of seats a party gets in parliament (Sweden's Riksdag). So they don't determine a "winner" per se. The parties in parliament (Sweden currently has 8 parties in parliament) then amongst themselves determine (through negotiation and voting in the chamber) what party or constellation of parties constitute the government.

@evanstucker The nomenclature for this is Party-list proportional representation, which I think about 85 countries make use of.

That's fantastic! Thanks for the information. I hope I get to see the USA use proportional representation one day...

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