People keep sending me Instagram links to their artwork and events. I can't see any of it without an account and logging in. I don't think a lot of people realise how much they lock in their content behind walls.

Or why they feel a need to.

@axbom my impression is that people with Instagram are unaware that their content is largely unaccessible for people without accounts.

@kazarnowicz @axbom I have told them I need a Facebook account to see it. And tell them I have deleted Facebook since 2013. More people need to do this.

@rewarp @axbom yeah, I haven't had an account since 2018 - but people in general tend to forget those things since "everyone" has Instagram/facebook. i was about to recommend you but the dev behind it gave up constantly updating it because instagram is shit :(

@Stellar Interesting. But yeah, in the end I'm not really interested in making accommodations wherein I have to spend time on workarounds for any and all devices I happen to be on when somebody sends me a link. Best not to engage, I feel.

@axbom We are now a minority of not having an instagram account.


@axbom I sincerely doubt that.

They *claim* to have ~1.5B users IIRC. I'm willing to bet that at least 15% of those are bots or duplicate accounts at *minimum*.

@axbom Use #LibRedirect and enable proxies for Instagram. Sure Mr. Zuckerberg has something against it and so the view of #Bibliogram is limited or also blocked.

@axbom We're pack animals. The pack has instagram (subsitute for an mass-adopted platform). They don't see it as locked, and if they do the see it as easily fixed by you creating an account!

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