The paradox of democracy is always that you can vote it away by allowing the most democracy-hostile actors to gain power. But perhaps more absurd: the most loyal defenders of democracy are the ones who will choose to allow that to happen.

It begs the question: How many votes for terrorists does it take for their behavior to be considered reasonable by a majority?

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Sweden election & politics 

“[Sweden Democrats] is currently by far the largest party in the world with Nazi roots”, says Tobias Hübinette, senior lecturer in intercultural pedagogy and teacher in intercultural studies at Karlstad University.

In Swedish:

@axbom I can't even find news on it here (a DDG search is timing out, which might just be DDG). How bad was it? We still have family in Sweden so I try to watch what I can.

@chris @axbom According to The Economist daily news summary brief on Sweden's elections: "Sweden’s general election remained too close to call on Monday morning. The country’s right-wing opposition bloc appeared to be taking a very slim lead, reversing the trend indicated by exit polls which suggested that the ruling centre-left coalition was narrowly ahead. Even with 90% of the vote counted, a result is not expected before Wednesday. "

@chris @hankg Most worrying, the far right party became the second largest party in Sweden...

@chris @hankg

Here’s an article that sums it up pretty well.

“The party, which has white supremacists among their founders, is expected to stay formally in opposition, with many voters and politicians across the political spectrum uncomfortable with seeing it in government. However, their impact will still be felt.“

@chris @axbom Are they putting lipstick on a pig calling it "economic anxiety" like they do in the US?

@axbom @chris @hankg
Fellow Swede here, living abroad.
Yes, while the right wing extremists covet power, they are likely to stay out of having an actual place in the government. This way they can pressure the Conservatives any time they like, while not having to risk any accountability.
"It's more fun in the opposition, you get to be loud without having to foot the bill."

Sweden election & politics 


Sad. Upset. Despondent.

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