Behold the Tracker Beeper by @bert_hubert

Bert's software makes a noise each time data is sent from his browser to Google. Guess how many sites keep sending data with every click, without consent? And then he added Facebook and a few more trackers. The second video in his blog post is a brilliant audio illustration of trackers on a news site.

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@bert_hubert Honestly very interested in building a user-friendly variant of Tracker Beeper for Mac. Where a user could select different sounds and choose what trackers to include. Happy to contribute design specs for something like that…

As if I have nothing else to do 😂

@bert_hubert @axbom HURTS to watch (listen) to this!!
What on earth are we up to… 😩

@axbom @bert_hubert that’s exactly what I imagined Face Book to sound like 🍑💨

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