The US election system is from another dimension. I’m happy Sweden is still all paper ballots.

“[…] there was one instance in which an election device was left behind at a hotel for more than a year. "The hotel called and tried to tell them they left it but no one ever called back. So they sold it, which is legal for them to do."

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@axbom This might not be the best week to boast about Swedish elections! :blobpeek:

@DCLXVI 😊 Yeah results don’t always turn out the way we want no matter the election system.

Sorry I came across as boasting. Not my intent. I didn’t invent the system or choose to keep it. Just thankful.

@axbom I was just trying to get a laugh while we all watch the world crumble around us.

@DCLXVI I can identify with the despair, at the same time as I am always looking for signs of hope and compassion.

Teaching helps me see the energy and willingsness among young adults to work differently.

Sometimes I imagine many of us are in the grief stage of depression and detachment, and need to work our way through this. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and stand back for a little bit.

@axbom That's what I need to remember. Over the past several years there have been times when I felt overwhelmed by world news and needed to isolate for a few days. It might be time again. Thanks.

@axbom but alaska got ranked-choice voting, which is very arguably much more democratic, but you need computers to do it in any timely manner (though should keep paper receipts for checking): !!!

@malte Very cool. Yes, it’s important to realise that each state has its own system.

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