Se upp med falska sms om BankID vänner.

"Just nu förekommer det falska sms-utskick som ser ut att komma ifrån BankID. BankID skickar aldrig ut sms. Klicka inte på länken."

Something I hadn't realised now that I'm logged out of Twitter is that on mobile Twitter has become a closed system. If you get a link to a tweet and scroll for just a bit, you get a message requiring you to create account/log in to see more.

They're going the FB route: unusable unless logged in.

This behavior started about 10 months ago. The previous default was that Twitter was open to read for everyone. Can't believe I had missed this. Makes leaving even more of a no-brainer.

I’m reading Breaking Away by Maurice E. Stucke.

This part about and is concise and well-written.

I highly recommend setting the language of your posts, as this helps people using screen readers. The content is automatically read with the correct voice and pronunciation. This feature of setting the language of your post isn't implemented in all apps yet, but works well in the web interface.

If you only post in one language you can set a default (but do remember to set that default if it's not English).

Also, it helps people filter posts from specific languages.

I will sometimes post in Swedish. When I do, I mark my posts as Swedish language.

If you only want to see certain languages in your timeline, remember that you can filter languages in the Mastodon preferences (using the web interface).

You’ll find this language filter under Preferences > Other.

Personally I like seeing different languages even when I don’t understand. Maybe a translation feature will be added in the future.

A quick update to let you know that Revue have now changed this status message in their service.

Happy to see companies listening and responding in a quick and efficient manner on these types of issues.

The new message reads:

"We'll start working on exporting your subscribers. We will send you an email once it's finished."

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Oblivious cultural regression / racism 

I'm exporting subscribers from Revue to move away from the platform. The message I get is:

"We'll set our Oompa Loompas to work on exporting your subscribers and they'll send you an email once they're finished."

Why is this phrasing a problem? Well, because in the original Roald Dahl book, the Oompa Loompas were black slave laborers imported from Africa.

Cultural references need cultural understanding.

Just noticing today I can set the language for posts in the web interface! But it would appear most apps haven't updated with this feature yet. Seems this would solve a lot of my worry about people being able to filter out my Swedish posts or vice versa.

I did not expect this from Ghost(Pro) but if I cancel my subscription everything gets deleted immediately. Even if I've paid for 6 more months, the site will NOT stay up until the next billing cycle. And no refunds, despite this action.

What a devious policy. 🤔

But yeah, I'm pushing the buttons.

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