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Have you tried turning it off and never turning it back on again?

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Important: there was a Barbie Dream Supercomputer in the 60s

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I am really glad when people add alt text to images on Mastodon.

My internet is so damn slow, that images never really load (i turn them off anyway), but at least I can get a sense of what it is from the text ^____^.

After @maloki shared the ongoing European Citizens' Initiative support form for UBI, I couldn't get over the disastrous use of a captcha on an official EU website. And one used for voting/support no less.

Do share the blog post to help more people understand the importance of ending this practice in web development.

How captchas break democracy

@helenaroth @maloki


But the captcha in that form was awful.

I gave them some feedback: "The current captcha will exclude a lot of people with disabilities and cognitive difficulties. Ironically many people who would benefit hugely from UBI are not able to vote." (Clicked the button for "Poor" experience).

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A story about the decline and revival of my interest for the Internet, thanks to @axbom and

@jerome Wow. Welcome, back. Thank you for sharing! 🙏💚

@SnerkRabbledauber Every action the language model makes is because of another sentient being. :)

But yeah I understand what you mean.

A human thinking that machine code designed to mimic language is sentient, is very much like a cat thinking their reflection in a mirror is another sentient animal.

Se upp med falska sms om BankID vänner.

"Just nu förekommer det falska sms-utskick som ser ut att komma ifrån BankID. BankID skickar aldrig ut sms. Klicka inte på länken."

@LeoR1010 Ah, perfekt. Har precis en månad Viaplay för att kolla West Wing.

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Part of why I left aviation was a complete lack of ethics and morals by the owners of the companies I worked for and many of the people I flew with. That said, I've received more training in ethics as a pilot than I ever have in tech.


I often try to compare with medical ethics, which of course is a more mature category of applied ethics. Avoidance of harm is often the pursuit, and the challenge is to identify ways of acting that reduce potential harm, or help the patients be informed enough to consent in situations where there is a great deal of risk involved.

We have a ways to go before we have anything akin to the Hippocratic Oath for digital designers and software developers however.



That said, it would be interesting to pursue a line of thinking where product development teams were to define an ethical pursuit as soon as they decide to make new products and services, that they could use to align their development with.

My concern then would be that there is significant lack of understanding about all the things that the product affects when it comes to human and universal wellbeing. My ambition is to close those gaps in understanding.


This is a relevant concern, but could perhaps be explained by the difference between applied ethics and normative ethics.

While normative ethics develops moral theories about how people should behave, in applied ethics I am of the notion that people don’t need to agree on a moral theory—instead agreeing to solutions to ethical dilemmas by reviewing facts and related harms of a specific situation.

The chart helps identify common situations in digital development.


Wonderful walkthrough and review of my chart on the elements of digital ethics.
by @chendricks

I'm really happy about the blogging revival that I'm experiencing. Reading and commenting on blogs like it's 2005! 😅

@helenaroth Excellent idea. Will steal :)

And congrats! I turned 48 last Friday.

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