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"Is 'acceptably non-dystopian' self-sovereign identity even possible?"

An essay about self-sovereign identity, decentralized identity, verifiable credentials, soulbound tokens, and all those other terms that have been flying around lately.

“If you stand with science, you wear the mantle of the scientist. If you stand with the animal rights movement, you wear the mantle of the advocate, the moral, ethical person. I have one foot on either side because I understand both sides. And it is a horrible place to be.”

Well-written piece about Lisa Jones-Engel who went from scientist (conducting experiments on monkeys) to activist.

Now getting these emails about collaboration suggestions during July, from people not aware nobody works in Sweden during July 😅. Or even between midsummer and the middle of August.

A coarse generalisation but essentially true from a broader perspective.

To be fair not everyone is aware I'm in Sweden.

The standard joke is that if you want to get something published in the paper, the summer is the time to do it. Because all the news rooms are manned by teen summer workers.

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This year, I’m moving from #1password to @bitwarden for my #PasswordManager needs.

Anyone else made the move? Have you found you miss some functionality you’ve been used to? How was the import process?

Has anybody ever rejected cookies in the cookie consent dialog and suddenly gotten a much worse experience?

Curious minds want to know and all.

Hugely stressful day today. Fitting that it ends with @Beantin and me interviewing Katie Swindler for @uxpodcast

Her recent book is called Life and Death Design, and is about creating digital solutions for people in high-stress environments, as well as people going through a crisis or who have recently been in an accident. As always these design considerations make things better for everyone. You don't know who is going through a crisis or what can startle them.

I started my first podcast in 2007, before the first iPhone was released.

One development that has saddened me is the commercialisation of a phenomenon based on a completely open and free foundation. A podcast is essentially an RSS feed. No need to pay, no reason to be tracked.

That's why e.g. you'll never see me sharing a Spotify link to a podcast. I recommend Overcast (iOS), a self-funded app that has sustainably succeeded on its own merits and respected listener privacy for 8 years.

Just now deciding between:

* HEY email (likely in combination with something else)

Any thoughts on privacy-focused, benevolent or self-hosted email is appreciated right now 😅

I’m reading Breaking Away by Maurice E. Stucke.

This part about and is concise and well-written.

A new post up on the blog about and self-hosting my own space.

I’m trying to share my own journey with independent publishing and in the end want to help and encourage others who are curious about self-hosting.

In my adventures I have now also moved my newsletter to my own server. Decided on a Ghost implementation for this in the end, so anyone can use RSS to subscribe instead of email if they like.

This means my two blogs, the newsletter and the @wildexploits cartoon are all now on Ghost instances on my VPS. Also running my own Mastodon and Pixelfed instances. And Hedgedoc, a collaborative markdown editor I really like.

All this has happened very fast 😅

If you aren't seeing this setting, it could also be the case that your Mastodon instance hasn't updated yet. Talk to your admin :)

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I highly recommend setting the language of your posts, as this helps people using screen readers. The content is automatically read with the correct voice and pronunciation. This feature of setting the language of your post isn't implemented in all apps yet, but works well in the web interface.

If you only post in one language you can set a default (but do remember to set that default if it's not English).

Also, it helps people filter posts from specific languages.

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Escooters are designed for the 'default' man, heavy to maneuver and cannot carry much. In Paris, 66% of riders are male. The lack of safe spaces to learn to ride and feeling unsafe riding at night in slow zones also deter women.

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I will sometimes post in Swedish. When I do, I mark my posts as Swedish language.

If you only want to see certain languages in your timeline, remember that you can filter languages in the Mastodon preferences (using the web interface).

You’ll find this language filter under Preferences > Other.

Personally I like seeing different languages even when I don’t understand. Maybe a translation feature will be added in the future.

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If folks have to create a version of your browser that respects privacy by default, perhaps your organisation is not the champion of privacy you say it is.

#mozilla #firefox

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@axbom if one runs a site it could also be beneficial to have one's webserver strip these tags. To avoid third-party client-side scripts from collecting the data or users resharing these URLs.

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