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Finally felt it was good enough to publish:

Digital Ethics and Moral Theory Explained

A brief guide to moral theory and how digital ethics fits within the branch of applied ethics.

Have spent many hours today writing on a blog post about applied ethics. Not quite done yet. Now reflecting on what makes me put in all those hours. All that effort.

I've been blogging for almost 25 years. Nobody asking me to do it. Nobody paying me to do it. Truly not asking for thanks. I am a privileged individual. Just reflecting on this fascinating passion and drive that still keeps me going. I'm the one who is thankful.

Nice bit of reporting from Swedish Radio. They built an online fake pharmacy and activated Facebook advertising tools. Thousands of simulated visits to the pharmacy were made each day, and the reporters could see all the sensitive, personal information being stored by Facebook.

Facebook sent no warnings to the pharmacy, despite saying they have tools in place to prevent this from happening.

A few weeks ago they revealed how this was happening with real pharmacies.

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Have you tried turning it off and never turning it back on again?

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Important: there was a Barbie Dream Supercomputer in the 60s

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I am really glad when people add alt text to images on Mastodon.

My internet is so damn slow, that images never really load (i turn them off anyway), but at least I can get a sense of what it is from the text ^____^.

After @maloki shared the ongoing European Citizens' Initiative support form for UBI, I couldn't get over the disastrous use of a captcha on an official EU website. And one used for voting/support no less.

Do share the blog post to help more people understand the importance of ending this practice in web development.

How captchas break democracy

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A story about the decline and revival of my interest for the Internet, thanks to @axbom and

A human thinking that machine code designed to mimic language is sentient, is very much like a cat thinking their reflection in a mirror is another sentient animal.

Se upp med falska sms om BankID vänner.

"Just nu förekommer det falska sms-utskick som ser ut att komma ifrån BankID. BankID skickar aldrig ut sms. Klicka inte på länken."

Wonderful walkthrough and review of my chart on the elements of digital ethics.
by @chendricks

I'm really happy about the blogging revival that I'm experiencing. Reading and commenting on blogs like it's 2005! 😅

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Someone made an app for blind people to check to see if their face is in the camera view, good for video conferencing. #a11y #accessibility

Testing the autocomplete attribute for input fields and getting some weird errors. No matter what field I complete first using the autocomplete selector, the autocomplete features of other fields send the info to the already completed field.

I must be making some sort of obvious mistake in my code. 🧐,ou

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Det roligaste med att ha bloggat så länge är att snubbla över sina egna gamla texter då och då. När jag skrev den här måste jag ju ha varit rejält trött. 😅

Journalistens klagovisa

Working on a site with many users where entering the correct email and cell phone number is important. I really want to get away from the standard pattern of having to enter these twice.

What are your thoughts/experiences related to this design pattern and what alternatives have you perhaps seen ?

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If you’re using Mastodon, I’d highly recommend setting:

- Slow mode. This stops you from losing your place while you’re reading a timeline when new posts come it. It also fixes the bug where rotating your phone while watching a video dumps you back in the timeline at some new place.

- Disable swiping motions. This stops you from accidentally changing timelines when you were trying to go back using a browser that implements swiping motions as shortcuts for navigation.

CC @feditips #mastodon

Just made a clickable prototype in PDF. If I make buttons and links clickable in a Keynote document (so they jump to the correct page), those links are carried over when I export to PDF. Been doing this for many years now.

The client was blown away. They can use that file for demos and testing. And it's one portable file. Sometimes simplicity is key. You wouldn't believe how much money and time I've saved not using Adobe products.

And no, it's not right for every use case.

I've often resorted to using language to taunt or gibe with witty or sharp phrasing when for example customer service has been especially poor. It's made me feel better in the moment. Perhaps even, dare I say, superior...

Now I try to avoid doing that. I don't have to engage. I'm fine with another human being having a bad day at work, or other things going on. I don't know their circumstances.

NOT engaging in that way often makes me feel better in the long term.

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@Yuvalne @axbom
There are actually Swedish public sector institutions that refer to "You find that information on Facebook"(!)

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Reddit, Facebook, Twitter. All requiring you to sign in to view most if not all public content. Facebook even does this on desktop.
This troubles me not just as someone who wants to view shared content without signing up, but also as a Wikipedia editor. This will make a lot of social media citations useless.

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